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13 years of experience

About Shannon Dixon

TrueFitPhysiques Training is dedicated to helping others transform their lives in becoming fitter, healthier, and more confident in their bodies.

Fitness Nutrition (ISSA)
Exercise Therapy Certification (ISSA)
Strength and Conditioning Certification (ISSA)
Sports Nutrition Specialist
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Personal Trainer Specialist

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"Truefitphysiques personal training has been the best investment I have ever made for my health! The classes offer intense cardio and toning exercises for all skill levels. Whether you prefer individual or group will be sure to find a class that best fits your workout style”.

FB_IMG_1447046838516.jpg Romona 

I had been on a fitness journey for a year and a half.  Although I had much success on my own, I had hit a plateau. It seemed that my old routines were no longer working and I needed help. My turning point occurred on April 13th 2015 when I was introduced to TrueFitPhysiques by Shannon.   He listened to my fitness goals and developed a plan that was tailored for me.  The plan included different regimens so my body and fitness levels were constantly challenged. Working with Shannon three days a week along with healthy eating produced in 90 days, results  that were nothing short  of phenomenal! Shannon's individual focus coupled with his ability to challenge  and motivate has resulted in my being in the best shape of my life and I am a testament to his  motto..I can, I will, I must!!  Thanks to his training I am loving what I see each and everyday!